Don't Toss Your Old Curtains, Get Creative With Them

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Updating your window treatments doesn't have to mean throwing out your old curtains.

Your old curtains present a window of opportunity for your home’s decor.

Make a Clean Sweep of Reusing Curtains

Your curtains may be out of style for decorating your home, but they are never out of season for keeping your home clean. Old curtains make perfect dust rags.


Simply cut your curtains into little squares and keep them on hand to polish and wax furniture or floors. Be sure that the fabric isn't abrasive enough to scratch furniture as you rub it.


Start by testing a small surface area and letting the polish dry, before administering the rug to the entire surface.

A Case for Making Pillowcases

Every room can use more pillows - from sofas to recliners to beds.

Let's face it, pillows make every space more homey and comfortable. But as any home decor lover knows, pillow cases can be expensive to buy brand new. This is why you should never throw away your old curtains.


Disassembling your old curtains can leave you with several feet of usable fabric.

This fabric, even if it is imperfect in shape and length, should provide enough footage to cover a pillow or two. Even if you aren't handy with a sewing machine, the simple square pattern of a pillowcase is simple enough even for the most amateur of crafters.


Uneven shaped curtain pieces allow for you to use your imagination to create small throw pillows or elongated lumbar pillows.

A Little Curtain Magic

So you're finally getting rid of your large, theatrical curtains in favor of a more minimalist look. Great choice!


But before you toss those curtains into the trash, why not take a look at them with a fresh pair of eyes? Child’s eyes, that is. Your old curtains may set the stage for your kid's to have a whole lot of fun.


Large curtains are perfect for hanging in a play room area to mimic stage curtains. You can use a laundry rope or curtain rods to fasten the curtains against opposite sides of a wall or corner of the room. Kids will spend hours pretending that they have a real life stage in their play area to conduct plays and rock concerts.


So before you make a curtain call on getting rid of your curtains, why not set the stage for fun instead?

Keep Your Home Warmer by Keeping Old Curtains Around

If you are refreshing your home's style with new curtains, try and visualize windows in less-trafficked areas of your house that may benefit from hand-me-down curtains. Areas like the basement and garage often go without window treatments, even though a simple curtain can provide insulation and costs savings on heating.


Even if you are down right sick of your old curtains, putting them in a garage or basement, where nobody will see them, is a smart way to keep your home warmer during winter months.

Your old curtains can do more than you think. While it is tempting to toss them away, keeping them on hand for creative projects and cleaning is always a smart idea.