How To Repurpose Old Curtains Into Useful Things

Old curtains are still very useful and can be repurposed into many different things you can use on a daily basis. They can be used as mats, table covers, shower curtains and the like. However, they can also be converted into useful things like:

Curtains to Women's Bags

With the right fabric and design, an unused curtain can be designed to make women's bags. A tote bag is a good example. It would be perfect for holding various accessories when you go out with friends of family members. You can also sew pocket for the tote bag.

Making a pochette out of the old fabrics is another cool idea. Pochettes may also be designed for men. The envelope shape of the bag can is suitable for storing small things. You may even use it to hold mobile phones or tablets.

If you like to have adventures or visit the gym often, you may convert the old curtains into drawstring bags. The bags are great for holding food, water, towels, and other necessary stuff you want to carry along with you on a hike, swim, or visit to the gym.

If you want a larger bag, you can convert the curtains into backpacks.  You may need a few other materials for this one, but it is possible to make a sturdy backpack with heavy old curtain fabric. Backpacks may be designed for men as well.

If carry your laptop whenever you are on the go, then perhaps you can make laptop cases or bags. This is actually the easiest bag you can make out of old curtains. To make a laptop bag or any of the bags mentioned above, you need to practice your sewing skills first, though. 

Women's Apparels from Curtains

If you have really good fashion designing skills, you can make t-shirts and skirts out of old curtains. As long as the fabrics are comfortable to wear, then you can start making them into fashionable apparels. You may even use the fabrics to make socks, scarves, necklaces, and other fashion accessories.

Children's Toys

You can make stuffed animals with old curtains. You can design the curtains to look like horses, tigers, birds, and other animals. Use a really sturdy fabric as covering and stuff the unused fabric inside the animals to add to size. If your kids already have stuffed animals, you may also make dresses for them using the old curtains. You may also use the fabrics to make costumes, masks and balls.

There are many other creative ideas for repurposing old curtains. If you have good designing and sewing skills, you can definitely make very useful things out of the old fabrics. If you want to make money, you can sell your handicraft online.