Sofa Is the Best Seat in the House

Modern sofa

After a long day, nothing is more enchanting then falling back onto a comfy sofa and melting away for the evening!

The right sofa can turn your everyday relaxation spot into a little bit of heaven. Finding your perfect match amidst the sea of sofas for your living room, family room, or den can be overwhelming at first.


There seems to be an endless selection of colors, fabrics, and designs. But once you break down the basics of what you need for your home, making that final pick can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Let's break down the popular sofas trends of today:

Deciding on Sofas

Home entertainment is big. More and more, home entertainment is becoming a part of people' everyday experience as we upgrade to giant, flat screen televisions and blu ray players. Nothing completes the home entertainment experience like the perfect couch.

If you are hosting movie nights with friends, or simply love piling onto the couch with your family, large L-shaped sofas offers unparalleled comfort.

Of course, if the space you are working with cannot accommodate a large L-shaped sofa, don't force it. It will only make the room cramped and uninviting. There are other options.

One option is to partner standard sofas with large, plush reclining chairs. An ultra-comfy reclining chair is also a great selection to be used as a reading chair or gaming chair. Pay attention to the weight of any recliner you chose.

A lightweight recliner is a great choice since it can be easily moved around to accommodate guests during a movie night or moved out of the way during a crowded party.

The Fabric of Good Taste

Flipping through a catalog or visiting a department store confirms that couches come in nearly color under the sun. Not to mention the variety of fabrics at your disposal. There are considerations for every color. Dark colors are great if you have young kids in the house since they can hide stains and spills.

If spills and fingerprints aren’t a concern, light colors can make the sofa appear larger and open up the room they are in. It is a standard design rule across the board that sleek black leather sofas can do no wrong!

Make It Your Own

Just because you buy a couch from a department store doesn't mean you can't add your own personal touches. Selecting brand new accent pillows to add to the pillows that come with a couch can transform it into a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

You can also purchase pillows for every season of the year and swap them out accordingly. It will be like having a brand new couch every spring, summer, fall, and winter!

Bottoms Up!

Not many people pay much attention to what is holding their couch up, but they should. The legs of a sofa are an important practical element. Some couches have legs that are concealed by a skirt.

Others are open, and suspended by petite legs. One of the classiest looks at the moment is wide square platform feet.