Tiles & Stone


Want to lay down the style rules inside your home?
Try laying down some tile or stone!

Both of these flooring and accent options are showing up in some of the most beautiful home decor magazines and blogs, and designers are flocking to incorporate them into their latest creations. All with good reason: tiling and stone bring an unparalleled look of nature and creative artisan appeal.

If shopping for tiling has left you sticker-shocked, don't worry. It doesn't have to be used on the entire surface of a floor in order to make a dramatic impact. Stonework and tiles can be implemented as accent pieces in door thresholds or areas of heavy foot traffic within a room. They also make great accent pieces in kitchen counter backsplashes or wall mosaics.

Why Tile is Worth Your While

Tile flooring is a superb choice for areas of heavy foot traffic. Unlike carpeting, where dirt can be mashed into the fibers and cause caking, stains, and odor, tile does not absorb messes. It is also more durable than wood flooring, which can warp in excess moisture. When used as wall or backsplash materials, they provide a surface that is easy to clean.

Bare walls can be easily stained or damaged during cooking and baking, but tiling is durable and wipes clean. If fact, tiles and stonework are great for the kitchen counter area because they are so hygienic. Tiles provide a clean, glistening look which has no-nonsense appeal.

How to Stylize Stone

Stonework is great for a room that features a lot of neutral, earthy shades. It has a way of bringing the outdoors inside with ease. When used as a backsplash in a kitchen, it is especially breathtaking when paired with an under-cabinet lighting system.

Add Some Wow Factor

One of the most exciting ways to use stonework and tile as an accent is around the perimeter or doors, such as the front door and surrounding foyer area. Creating a textured surface as a contrast to plain walls is a design trick that sets a home apart from the rest on the block.

Similarly, if your home features a fireplace without any brick embellishments, stone or tiled bordering may be a cost-effective way to jazz up the perimeter and create an eye-popping effect.

The Impact of Color

The color of tiling you select is just as important as the style or shape. Let’s break down some combinations to help you achieve what you want. For an ultra-modern look, black tile in the kitchen paired with stainless steel appliances is a go. For a wholesome country look, try red or white tiles paired with white appliances and eclectic accessories.

If you want to evoke nature, try some brown, grey, or beige stonework paired with stainless steel appliances and a bounty of herb plants on the countertops. For sheer elegance, get your hands on some marble tiles and pair them with gleaming stainless steel appliances.