A Kettle to Compliment Any Kitchen

This vessel is one of the most highly visible tools in your kitchen, sitting like a crown on top of your oven. Shouldn’t it be a thing of beauty?

We’re just warming up when it comes to talking about teapots, so pull up your favorite chair and pour yourself a hot cup of earl grey and get ready to learn all about how the right kettle can take your kitchen to the next level.

Here is everything you need to know so that you can hold your steam in high esteem:

Don’t Settle on Just Any Kettle

Whether you’re shopping for a teapot to top off your newly designed kitchen or just searching for one that will give your old kitchen an instant dash of inspiration, it can be one of your most fun and whimsical purchases you ever make once you know what to look for.

Modern tea vessels come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, and finishes. An object that is rusty, outdated, or just plain ugly isn’t anybody’s cup of tea!

By treating yourself to a gorgeous kettle, you can leave it on display on your stove top year round without having to hide it when the guests come over.

There are some key things to keep in mind as you discover a style you will simply love to show off.

Be Bold on the Range

Turn up the temperature on your kettle with bold, exciting color! This is one opportunity in your kitchen where you can afford to take bold color risks.

Since most oven ranges are base colors like white, stainless steel, or black adding a hint of color to the stove top won’t be overwhelming. Right now, citrus-inspired colors are very popular. This means bright tones like lime green, lemon yellow, or orange.

These colors are a little bit kitschy and they really pop as they give your kitchen a playful look that flashes back to vintage home-style kitchens.

Modern Mode of Tea

Tea may be an ancient drink, but they still have an enduring place in modern kitchens. If you have a minimalist kitchen layout and design, a kettle with simple form will be right at home on your stove top.

The winners for modern design are oblong stainless steel designs and clear glass designs. These styles both emphasize function over form and won’t deviate from the clean lines and contemporary placements you have worked so hard to achieve.

A Cozy Cup

If your kitchen oozes country warmth and sweetness, your kettle should oblige. One of the best ways to honor the country aspect of your kitchen is with a fire engine red pick. This vessel will literally act as the “heart” of your kitchen.

Red looks especially striking against a backdrop of white walls and white appliances. Another kettle option that propagates a country theme is a simple white finish.

Comfort and Safety

An oversized vessel may look great on your stove top, but it is important to remember that the functionality is just as important as the way it looks.

Always try your pick on for size before buying it (or before throwing away the box if it was a mail order purchase) by doing some pouring gestures with the empty container. It should be light enough and ergonomically comfortable enough for you to lift and pour hot liquids without putting yourself in danger of dropping or spillage.

Try to imagine how it will feel when it is filled the entire way with water. The design and placement of the spout is also important, as it should allow for a safe distance from your hand in case of trickling during pouring.

You should take notice to make sure that the button or latch to open the spout will be a clear distance from the plumes of hot steam as it rises from the hole.

As you can see, the decorative potential of a teapot should never be underestimated. Keeping these important factors in mind while on the quest for your perfect pick will help you choose a spout with a lot of clout.

Safety, beauty, and ease of design are all important considerations to make before you settle on a kettle.