Area Rugs for any Room

One of the quickest ways to change the look of a room without spending a lot of money is to use area rugs.

Here is how to choose the right ones for any room:

The quickest and most affordable way for a person to redecorate any room in their home is to rearrange the furniture layout, hang some wall art or put down area rugs on the carpet or flooring.

These decorating accessories can help anyone to coordinate the color of the furnishings in the room, protect their hardwood flooring or carpeting, and soften the floors when someone is walking on them.

However, before choosing one or more of these rugs, it is important to research the colors, materials, styles, and types that are currently available. Here are a few more suggestions and tips to consider when choosing these:

  • Determine whether all of the furniture will be sitting on the rug or not – in larger rooms, have all of the furniture on the area rugs while in smaller rooms, only the inner pieces such as the coffee table or just the front legs of the sofa, love seat, and chair should be on the rug.
  • Look at the furniture layout in the room – for larger or combined rooms where one transitions into the other without a wall to separate them; these area rugs can be utilized to differentiate one room from the other.
  • Measure the minimum space to cover – whether it is the bedroom, dining room, family room, or living room, be sure to measure for the minimum amount of space that needs to be covered with these rugs. Too large of a rug shrinks the room and makes it look crowded while too small of one leaves too much carpeting or flooring exposed and creates an imbalance in space management.
  • Measure the overall room dimensions – if a large area rug is desired, measure an area that is two feet narrower and shorter than the overall wall-to-wall measurements. For instance, when dealing with a smaller room such as a 10’ by 12’, be sure to purchase area rugs that measure 8’ by 10’ maximum. Remember, it is all about balancing what is in the room with the overall look of the room.
  • Tables and chairs should rest entirely on area rugs in dining areas – the rugs that a person selects for their dining area or room should be large enough so that the dining table and chairs (pulled away from the table) sit on them. Use the above rule on measuring the room dimensions as a basic guideline for the dining room.

In closing, log on to the internet and start searching through the different choices that are currently available where these types of rugs are concerned to get an idea of what is available.

Area rugs come in a wide variety of colors, dimensions, materials, patterns, and styles so this can be a little confusing and frustrating initially. Be sure that the rug (or rugs) that are selected effectively blend with or complement the palette and theme of the room.

Finally, and for safety purposes, be sure to purchase non-skid pads or safety strips for the underside of the rug if they are going to be used on hardwood floors.