Bathroom Designs Practices

Creating a stylish bathroom is a difficult task, even for the most seasoned of decorators.
The key is to balance creating a stylish look while honoring the function of a bathroom.

Bathroom accessories and decorations should never create an obstacle course between the bathroom user and the tasks they need to perform in the bathroom.

Working with some best bathroom design practices in mind will help you achieve a fresh and lovely bathroom.

Colorful children bathroom with toilet
Friendly bathroom for children with orange tiles and flower decors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the fairest bathroom of them all?

The answer is, you – if you accessorize with the perfect mirror, that is. A mirror can make or break a bathroom. One of the best ways to utilize the economy of space inside your bathroom is by hanging an over-sized mirror.

Typically, the best spot for the mirror is over the sink. This allows for ease of grooming. But there is an added benefit to an over-sized mirror aside from letting you get a good look at yourself while getting ready.

An over-sized mirror will actually cause your bathroom to look larger. If you have a contemporary bathroom, you can opt for a simple rectangle or square mirror without any fringe.

Many stores that focus on contemporary furnishings sell mirrors that are frameless, allowing a seamless transition of the eye from your wall to the mirror.

If you are seeking to create a more romantic look in your bathroom (think bubble baths and candle light) a mirror with a heavy frame in gold trim or distressed wood might be just the thing to celebrate your style.

Bathroom lighting is the answer!

Since there isn’t a lot of space for decorations in a bathroom, the bulk of the style decisions you implement will have to do with fixtures. One way to distinguish your bathroom is to have incredible lighting fixtures.

Most bathrooms do just fine with simple, stock variety ceiling lamps – but if you want to reinvent the concept of bathroom lighting in your home, there are other some fun choices.

Hanging crystal lamps and petite chandeliers is an unexpected way to bring some personality to your bathroom. As long as they hang high enough so as not to be intrusive or cause anyone to bump their head, they are a smart choice for bathrooms.

Exclusive Luxury Bathroom Interior by the sea

Smooth surfaces with your bath

You want to keep all of the surfaces in your bathroom smooth and easy to clean. One of the best ways to accessorize a bathroom is with stainless steel pieces. This includes toothbrush holders, napkin holders, and soap dishes.

Their shiny quality also adds the luminosity and perceived size of your bathroom.

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Having a small basket for magazines in the bathroom is a great way to keep things neat and orderly. Wrought iron is a great, simple material to look for when buying a magazine rack for the bathroom.

The open slats cut down on the dust and mold that can accumulate on an item that lives on the bathroom floor.

Complete the look & feel with towels

Decorative towels make a bathroom feel inviting. Always make sure you have a fresh hand towel waiting for you, or for your guests.

Colored towels are a lazy person’s best friend. They conceal stains much better than ivory towels. Do yourself a favor and take the hassle out of bleaching towels by selecting dark shades like navy blue or brown.

There is no reason not to celebrate your bathroom. Keeping a bathroom fresh, clean, and stylish is easy once you implement the best bathroom practices shared above.