Bedroom Design That is Right for You

Bedrooms are often considered the most personal and private room in a home. Whether a room for one person or two, they are rarely visited by guests and are often considered as semi-private to other family members.

As such, the design offers a unique chance to reflect individual needs and personal taste. In addition to style, your bedroom design will have several important considerations including size, additional uses and privacy needs.

Size of the Room

The existing size of your bedroom will be a major factor in its design. Many rooms are only large enough for a bed, a couple of dressers or side tables, and room to walk around. If that is the case, focus on ways to make the space feel larger. Avoid bulky furniture and use lighter colors to give a more open feel.

If you are fortunate enough to have a larger room, there will be more opportunities. Since there is less emphasis on making the space feel larger, wall colors and furniture style become less important relative to room dimensions. The size of beds is important to many people. You might want to increase the size of your bed to a queen or king. If there is extra space, consider adding additional functions to the room.

Use of the Space

While the primary activity in bedrooms is sleeping, larger room sizes allow you to add more uses. These might include a couple of chairs as a quiet place to sit and read, room for exercise equipment or a yoga mat, or a desk for computer use. Many people will also want add a TV in a location where it can be viewed from the bed.

Privacy Considerations

Room location may influence some of the layout and design choices for bedroom furniture and window treatments. Is the room located off of a main area in the house or down a remote hallway?

This might decide whether beds are in full view from the door or in a less visible location. Also, do the room’s windows face the front yard and street or a more private backyard? This will help you choose whether to add window blinds or only have light and airy curtains.

Sleeping Style

How you sleep will also influence the style of window treatments. Many people want their personal room to be light and open with the morning sun shining bright to help them wake up. Others prefer a darker room, especially if they enjoy sleeping late, and only want minimal light coming through the windows.

Regardless of sleeping style and other functional considerations, bedroom design should be a great opportunity for personal expression. The look can be can bright and sunny, dark and formal, or full of color and whimsy. Make it into your special room, a private retreat, and a place to begin and end each day.