Choosing a Carpet for Home

Floor treatments are of the most important features of a home. They are an immediate indicator of style and character for both individual rooms and entire houses. The floor of your home can be clean and cool or warm and welcoming.

Though many people prefer wood, stone, or tile floors, others love carpets. They provide a soft walking surface and a great place to sit or sprawl when kids and the family gather for games or movies. It is no wonder they are so popular!

Carpet Style

Carpets come in a wide variety of styles such as plush or textured. The style terms are based on the pile and how individual tufts are folded or cut. Plush styles are soft and especially comfortable but may not stand up as well to lots of traffic. Textured surfaces usually do a better job of hiding footprints and impressions left by vacuum cleaners.

There are several other style variations so take time to look at them carefully. Be sure to get samples and information from different suppliers before making a final choice.

Carpet Material

Wool is generally considered the best overall floor-covering material. It is also the most expensive. Many of the synthetic materials perform just as well and are very comfortable. For the kids’ game room or a basement, consider a lower-cost polyester option. For high traffic areas, it is worth paying a little more for a stain resistant material.

Many fabrics now contain a significant percentage of recycled material. Your supplier should have information on eco-friendly carpet choices. Also look for certification from independent review agencies.

Carpet tiles are another great way to go. They piece together to form a virtually seamless appearance and are a fun way to create geometric patterns, stripes or bands of color. Individual tiles can also be replaced in case of damage or serious stains.

Carpets Color

When selecting colors, it is best to get samples and try them in the actual room. That way you can accurately match or complement existing colors. Remember that even though lighter colors make a space feel larger, they are more difficult to clean. Darker colors can be a better choice for high traffic areas or if pets spend a lot of time in the house.


What you do not see is sometimes just as important as what you do see. A good quality padding as a first layer will make the surface much more comfortable. In addition, padding will help with sound absorption and reduce long term wear and tear.

Carpets have come a long way since the stereotypical 1970’s shags seen in old movies. The impressive variety of styles, colors and patterns means a good match can be found for any home or individual need.

With all the time spent walking, standing or playing on your floor, be sure to invest in a surface that will provide long-lasting comfort and character.