Choosing a Curtains for Home

When designing a room, curtains are not usually the first item that comes to mind. They are critically important, however, and should be planned as part of the overall room design process.

The right curtains set will perfectly complement and enhance the style of a room. There are numerous factors to consider, some of which are different from other elements in your home.

Stylish Curtains

There are curtains available for any design style, from traditional and formal to contemporary and modern. It is important to consider each room of your home individually.

Though you may have an overall style, each room is likely have its own colors, individual needs or theme. It is unlikely that a single choice will work throughout your home.

Material Choices

There are many different types of fabrics to choose from, including silk, linen, cotton, polyester and blends. Some will have a backing depending upon the characteristics and needs of the individual cloth.

More important than the actual type of material is how it looks in your room.

Get several swatches to see how various colors and textures look at home. Viewing large panels on display at the store will show how the fabric looks when hanging.

Certain materials and dyes are more resistant to fading. Ask how fade-resistant your cloth will be relative to the amount of sunlight your room receives.

Selecting Curtain Color

There are many more colors than there are materials to choose from, making this a fun part of the process. Remember that window treatments should probably not be the dominant element in the room.

Often drapes will match one of the wall colors but be a shade or two lighter or darker. Another option is to pick a neutral color that will work as a backdrop to the walls and furniture.

Patterns can be a dynamic and effective choice but are a little trickier to do well.

Privacy Concerns

How much privacy your room needs is an important factor in curtain selection. Sheer fabric can be quite elegant and provide a subtle level of daytime privacy while still allowing lots of light. If nighttime privacy is a concern, a heavier fabric will be needed.

Primary Purposes of Curtains

Your selection process will also depend upon the actual needs of the room you are designing. Are you hoping the window treatments will allow lots of light into the room, absorb sound, or merely complement the character of your existing design theme?

The more uses each curtain is expected to fill, the more complicated your selection will become.

It is critical to have accurate measurements when planning for window treatments. Double-check all of your measurements before you make your purchase.

If selecting the right curtains seems like a daunting task, be sure to ask for help.

A talented designer or experienced store personnel can make the process easier. A good curtain selection is one of those special touches that makes your home even more special and unique.