Choosing Doors and Windows for Home

When designing a house it is easy to spend lots of time on overall style, color and layout decisions. The importance of doors and windows should not be overlooked as part of this process. They provide both physical and visual connections between the inside and outside and contribute greatly to style and character.

In particular, their location and treatment on the front of your home is part of the public face you present to the neighborhood.

Exterior Door Styles

Think of the front door as the gateway to your home. It helps form the initial impression a guest will have when visiting your house for the first time. It is also a chance for individual expression. While a front door should generally fit the style of your home, it is a feature that will not be repeated elsewhere and can be somewhat unique.

Though side and back entrances may be more utilitarian doorways, the connection between a living room or bedroom and a back yard, patio or deck provides the opportunity for something special. Sliding glass or French doors allow for lots of light and create a strong visual connection between indoors and outside.

Interior Doors

These are more likely to be stock items from your local home improvement store. They are also a place to add some fun and color to your home decor. Each bedroom door could have a different color or color scheme, for example. The entry to kids’ rooms is a particularly good place to add some unique color or creativity.

Window Styles

While a traditional single or double-hung window is likely to be the best choice for most of the rooms in your home, there will be several locations where extra light and style may be desirable. A bay, arched or picture window is a popular choice for living rooms and master bedrooms.

Horizontally-oriented glass located toward the top of a wall will provide space underneath for furniture or wall decorations in areas where direct views are not important.

Energy Efficiency

Look for the Energy Star rating when making your purchase. It is the simplest way to get information about energy efficiency. In some cases you may even qualify for a rebate from your utility company or the Federal government. More importantly, efficient windows make your home comfortable and save money on your monthly bills.

Views, safety, privacy, style, light and efficiency are all considerations when selecting these important features for your home.

Choose your doors and windows wisely and you will be rewarded with complements from your guests, as well as the pleasure of living in a well-designed home that suits your individual needs and style.