Creative Lighting for Home and Garden

There are many ways to make your home and garden look amazing, but the most inexpensive way to do it is to carefully position the sources of lighting.

You do not necessarily need to choose expensive lighting options; any lamp, bulb or fixture with sufficient wattage will do as long as you know where to put them.

This is a quick guide to making every room or space radiate with beauty:

Living Room

The living room is the best place to show off your exquisite taste in art, fine furnishings, and the like. You can use lighting to emphasize a piece of artwork, a beautifully painted family portrait, china collection, a really remarkable piece of furniture, a trophy case, and the like.

Choose two or three corners of the room to showcase. Aside from the main light fixture (if any), use floor lamps and table lamps to light objects of emphasis.

Dining Room

It is a good idea to let the dining table shine out by literally making it the most brightly lit spot in the room. For this purpose, a chandelier will do the trick. If it does not go well with the overall design, pendant lighting is a good alternative.

For the other parts of the room, make sure the lighting is a bit dimmer and more relaxing, take sconces on the ceiling or the walls, for example. You can also use table lamps.

Kitchen in luxury home


Overhead lighting should be the main concern in this room. Be sure that the light source illuminates the cooking area well. Consider a dimmer switch, in case you need to adjust the lighting intensity often. If you have a kitchen island, use pendants for added aesthetics.

For countertops attached to the wall, sconces will do just fine. A robust table lamp may also work as long as it is away from the sink to avoid accidents.

The Garden

If you have trees in your garden, consider installing fairy lights. Wrap them around the branches and use tape to secure them with tape. Do not use nails or staples to avoid damaging the trees, though. To avoid extra energy costs, use solar-powered fairy lights designed for garden use.

You can further cut on energy costs by using solar bollards. These lighting devices capture sunlight during the day to power up LED lights during the night. Just be sure your garden receives an ample amount of sunlight during the day.

These devices stay powered for around 6 to 10 hours every night. They may not be as bright as other lighting options, but they do work, and they add style too.

Use LED path lights to light up the entrance and pathways. These devices can make your garden appear more inviting during the night and provide added security as well. This lighting option is very energy-efficient and does not easily heat up.

Final Word

With these lighting tips in mind, you can make your home and garden appear wonderfully lit without spending too much money.

Remember to mix various light sources to create better ambiance in any room. In addition, appropriate the proper lighting option to whatever it is you or your family members usually do in a given space.