Creative Ways to Reuse Your Old Carpet

So you’re finally tearing up that old carpet and upgrading it to a new carpet, right?

But what about all that perfectly good carpeting that you’re ripping up? Is there a way to squeeze every last bit out of the old carpet?

The answer is yes!

You may be surprised to learn about all the ways you can recycle your old carpet.

Before you set your old carpet out on the curb, consider these creative and money-saving tips for reusing your rug.

A Welcome Carpet

Simply cutting up your old carpet into 18X30 rectangles can supply you with mats for all of your entry ways.

This is a spot for people to wipe the dirt and debris from the outdoors onto the mat so that they don’t track it inside and all over your new flooring.

You can use some standard rug pads beneath your carpet squares in order to keep the mats securely in place.

Staircase Treads

You can also cut small squares to serve as carpet treads for your staircase. Treads provide a safe, non-slip way to decorate your staircase and make it more accident-resistant.

Even if you aren’t crazy about the color of your old carpet, you can at least use the material as carpet treads for you basement stairs in order to add safety to your home.

Don’t Let Redecorating Mean Damaging Your Floors

Are you constantly rearranging your furniture? Is so, you know the chaos that moving furniture can bring to your floors.

Heavy furniture brings the risk of scrapes and dents on your flooring every time you move it. But your old carpeting provides a solution. Simply keep large squares of carpet tucked away in a storage closet and bring them out whenever you move heavy objects in your house.

By placing the carpeting beneath the legs of your heavy furniture, you will preserve and protect your floor from the damaging scrapes of moving.

Cut a Rug for Your Dogs

Your old carpet can enjoy a second life with your pets. Carpet makes a fabulous mat for dogs to lay on. Cats will also love to lay on carpet squares, and the rough texture will allow them to scratch their nails (and hopefully occupy them enough to stay away from your furniture).

Reusing Your Old Carpet is Child’s Play

If you have kids who are big on dollhouses, your old carpet may be a treasure just waiting to be discovered. Why not decorate your children’s doll houses with brand new carpet.

Simply cut your existing carpet into sizes that accommodate the rooms inside the dollhouse and glue them to the floorboards. This will transform the dollhouse into a lifelike and fun version of your own home.

Salvaging your old carpet and giving it a new purpose elsewhere in your home is an economical way to transition into your new flooring choice.

With a simple pair of scissors and some creativity, repurposing your old carpet is a piece of cake.