Finding the Perfect Entrance Door

Want to reinvent the look of your home without having to reinvent your finances?

The solution may be right at your front door – literally!

Getting new exterior doors is an easy and inexpensive way to give your home an instant facelift. New doors offer increased security, insulation from weather, and a quick style upgrade.

Entrance doors should satisfy the need for beauty, safety, and insulation. Depending on the setting of your home and your personal taste, there are number of quality and attractive options for homeowners.

Residence front entrance with elegant designs and decorative plants.

Let the Light In or Keep the World Out

If your home is situated in a position for getting vast amounts of sunlight, an entry door with window cutouts is a fantastic way to allow natural light to illuminate your home.

Be advised, the more space for windows allotted on your door, the less insulated protection from cold, wind, and other elements your door provides.

For sunny climates, an entry door with windows is almost certainly a must. However, a view to the great outdoors isn’t always desirable.

If you live on a heavily trafficked road or have an undesirable view out your front door, a solid door without any windows may be the best route to take.

Foyers Vs. Living Space Entry

Where your front door is situated in your home is an important determiner of what style front door will fit your needs. If you have a foyer, having a door that offers outdoor exposure is a nice touch.

However, if you’re front door opens up into a living space such as a living room, where you and your family spend a lot of time relaxing or watching television, you may not want the intrusion of being visible to people outside your home.

The Right Entry Doors Materials

Aside from the look of your door, the composition of your door is also something that every homeowner must decide upon. Traditionally, there are three main materials most doors are made of: steel, wood, and fiberglass.

Wood doors certainly hold unparalleled charm. You can achieve a medieval look or farmhouse look by installing one in your home. Homeowners should be aware, however, that wood doors come with a fair amount of upkeep. They also rank higher in cost than their counterparts.

Fiberglass doors are among the most popular choice for contractors. This is because of their attractive price and reputation for durability, which renders them almost maintenance-free during the lifetime of the door.

Far less delicate than wood, fiberglass doors are perfect entryway doors for highly trafficked areas or for homes in harsh climates, including freezing temperatures and humidity.

Fiberglass also offers an unparalleled level of insulation. This can have a positive effect on your heating bill. Many fiberglass doors are designed to mimic the look of wooden doors.

Steel doors offer the most inexpensive solution for an exterior door. While one downside of steel is its vulnerable to dents, these blemishes are easy to repair.

Steel offers excellent insulation. Due to nature of steel being susceptible to rust, this material is less ideal for wet climates.

A new entry door may be the customized touch your home has been missing. Whether out of necessity, or simply for aesthetic value, new doors can be the perfect finishing touch to your home.