Home Accessories Trends

Keeping a home looking neat and stylish can be quite a feat. With the right technique, you can achieve the perfect mix of warm, inviting, and trendy for every room in your home.

If you are looking for a way to update your home design without spending a ton of money on a total decoration makeover, little home accents are a dream come true.

The Latest Trends

Right now, the trend dictates the bigger the better with home decor. Instead of filling a room with a large collection of small accessories, concentrating on a few bold pieces as focal points is a simple way to update the look of any room.

One great way to add a timeless yet modern perspective to a room is to incorporate colorful, over-sized vases. The vases can be left empty or filled with simple silk flowers.

Today’s trends favor simple looks that add a bold splash of color. It isn’t necessary for the scheme of a room to match perfectly.

A mix of eclectic, striking pieces that compliment the other pieces in the room is the perfect way to recreate the looks of some of the world’s most renowned interior designers.

Accessories Can Make Old Furniture New

If you have been thinking about upgrading to a new sofa or lounge chairs, but would prefer not to spend the money, there are other alternatives. The easiest way to freshen up an old couch and give it a second life, is to add a colorful throw blanket or an assortment of bright pillows.

Selecting a color pallet for the blanket and pillows that matches other accessories in the room, helps to create a theme that transforms your old sofa.

A blanket placed over your couch cushions not only looks phenomenal, but it also protects the cushions and adds to the longevity of the couch fabric.

Similarly, the decor that you place around the vicinity of the sofa can also give it a new face.

Swapping out your current decor for sleek, modern pieces creates a modern adaptation of what you already live with. Simply by placing an ornately-framed mirror on the wall above the sofa, can add depth to the entire room and reflect light over the couch, which transitions the shade of the sofa and casts in a whole new light.

Fabric treatments and cushions can also breathe new life on dining room sets.

Best Use of Space

One true measure of how valuable the right home design can be, is if the design enhances the style and function of your home. A gorgeous piece of furniture that also has storage and organizational capacity, truly enhances the space you live in.

Some great ideas are benches with a built-in storage compartment or large decorative baskets, that can hold books, magazines, remote controls, or even shoes and slippers.

When it comes to the kitchen, gorgeous pitchers and mason jars displayed on the counter tops can be a great way to store utensils and cooking supplies, when you have a lack of drawer space.