How To Make a Room to Look Larger

A glass mirror can open up any room and make the room appear instantly larger, while adding more depth. Mirrors are a great way to really revamp a room without killing your budget.

Depending on the finish of the frame, a mirror can be repainted to match any color-scape you are trying to achieve.

You can find new ones reasonably priced at any home decor store, or you can salvage treasures from consignment shops, including from the helms of old dressers, and make them your very own.

Let’s go room by room and see how glass mirrors can create a transformation in your home:

Living Room Mirrors

Looking to add some wow factor to your living room? A large mirror placed over the fireplace mantel will attract everyone’s eye to this focal point of the room.

During the day, the mirror will reflect sunlight from the windows, and at night the mirror will make the room’s lighting bounce from it. The end result is an elegant show.

A large rectangular mirror or oversized circular mirror will both look magnificent. If you don’t have a fireplace in your living room, simply chose another point that you would love to draw the eye towards and hang it there.

Some great options are above the sofa or on a large barren wall that needs some dressing up.

Dining Room Mirrors

Large rounded glass mirrors placed on either end of the dining table, behind the head seats, creates a very regal look. It will elongate the look of your table and call attention to the heads of the table.

If you have a chandelier in the room, a mirror can be placed in a complimentary position to the chandelier so that it reflects the resplendent light and makes it appear larger and brighter.

Kitchen Mirror

Some kitchens lack good windows. If your kitchen lacks a window over the sink, you have probably dreamed about installing one. But there is an easier way you can open up the room without reconstructing the walls simply by adding a mirror there.

A mirror will mimic all of the light-enhancing effects of a real window without the expensive cost of installing one.

Bedrooms Mirrors

A mirror placed over the bed is a great way to create a focal point in a bedroom. Mirrors also have a very practical use for spaces where dressing and grooming take place.

If you have a dresser that does not have a mirror fitted to it, you can take an oversized square or rectangle mirror and prop it on the dresser, leaning against the wall, and create the same effect that pricey dressers have.

Shine some light on your home’s interior design by adding a gorgeous mirror or two today!

There simply isn’t a better way to exaggerate and accentuate the square footage of your home, than by using reflective mirrors.