Iron in Home Design

Strong, sleek and understated, iron is fast becoming a favorite accent with interior designers.

Do not let the tough, cold exterior of iron mislead you. This sturdy material is just what it takes to add a classic atmosphere to your home.

Because of its weight and expensive price, it is no longer a staple of home construction as it was in the past.

That means that most modern homes miss out on having customized touches such as carriage door detailing or light fixtures molded from iron. Aside from a select few lucky enough to have a customized home, these are mere architectural fantasies.

While you may not own a French cottage fit for a fairy tale, you can still have the grace and beauty of iron in your home, because of the growing supply and demand for these metal accessories.

Unlike customized construction projects, adding decorative iron pieces to your home is highly affordable.

Beauty and Strength of the Iron

Iron may be a one of the elements on the periodic table, but for home design enthusiasts it is an important element of interior design. It brings a strong presence to any space and serves as a visual anchor to keep a room weighted. It is a great alternative to flimsier design materials such as plastic or canvas.

Iron has been used in housing fixtures for centuries and stirs up thoughts of medieval castles and exotic rural cabins. Right now, it is experiencing a renaissance among modern interior designers. Wrought iron brings a dark but fresh look to any space.

The amount of metal and the artisan cuts you chose will determine which path your home design journey will take.

Contemporary Wall Art

Iron fixtures and artwork are becoming very popular as wall decoration. There are many creative ways to dress up your walls with romantic, traditional, country or kitschy pieces that will enhance your interior design.

Iron really stands its ground beside doors and inside entryways. Decorative wall hooks are an attractive way to keep track of keys and umbrellas with a variety of styles from which to choose.

A Flicker of Style

iron sconce

One of the best ways to incorporate the iron look inside your home is by adding some candle sconces. These wall sconces add an instant air of royalty and intimacy to any room. Iron wall decor is especially favored because of its versatility.

Unlike portraits, it will not clash with your color scheme. A great place for candle sconces is on either side of a living room sofa. This will create an effect of centering the sofa and making it appear longer and grander.

Sconces are also great for framing a room’s fireplace mantle. Again, this will create an illusion of height and grandeur surrounding the dimensions of the fireplace.

One of the most creative ways to implement candle sconces is to nail them to the wall in a tiered style going up a stairway. This look harkens back to the imagery of medieval castle passageways that were lighted by flickering torches.

Bring Iron Style to the Kitchen

Iron works extremely well as a design supplement inside your kitchen. If you have been wishing for a brand new kitchen but remodeling is out of the question, try incorporating a few modern metal elements in order to achieve an updated style.

By accenting the kitchen layout you already have with a few well positioned iron fixtures, you can create a clean and functional look with a touch of drama.

Great accents are fruit baskets, napkin holders or paper towel holders. In order to create a cohesive look, you can also bring in some of the wall design ideas that were mentioned earlier.

Iron is an enduring tradition of beauty and stability that is appreciated as much today as it was centuries ago.

Simple accessory pieces are a great modern way to add an ageless appeal to your home.