Kid’s Bedroom Design

Kids grow out of things so fast. But memories last forever, even long after walls have been repainted and furniture has been outgrown. When you design a kids bedroom – you’re designing a part of their memories.

Keep it Organized

It is the most essential rule to live by. No matter how cleverly decorated a kid’s room is, nobody will enjoy it if it’s covered in clutter. That’s why organization is the first step in decorating a room for a kid.

In a moment, I will share with you the three essential things every kids room should have for better living. There is a bounty of stylish organizational furniture and storage accessories that are cute enough to delight kids and functional enough to please parents.

Your best bet is always shelving. Shelving units allow for things to be stored away but kept in eyesight so that they are not forgotten or lost.

Many retail stores sell stackable organization cubes where toys and supplies can be easily tucked away, until they are used again. These cubes are portable, storable, and pleasing to the eye.

It may be called a bedroom, but as any parent knows, kids do just about everything under the sun but sleep in their room.

A bedroom often serves as a playroom, an arts and crafts room, and a learning room. For this reason, a kids bedroom often has to be compartmentalized to ensure the best use of space – and to ensure there is ample peaceful space for sleeping.

3 items every kids bedroom should be equipped with:

1. A laundry hamper – but not just any hamper, it has to be a cute one. Kids are unlikely to make the trek down the hall to the laundry room to dump off dirty clothes.

Providing them with their own personal hamper gives them incentive to keep used clothes off the floor. If doesn’t hurt if the hamper is fun and colorful and features their favorite cartoon character or television star.

2. A lamp beside the bed – this one helps mom and dad too. If your child or toddler is prone to night frights, they won’t be getting out of bed to reach the light switch any time soon. This means they might be yelling for you in the night.

If an easy-to-reach lamp is close at hand, they can turn on the light and see the lack of monsters for themselves. Similarly, a sleepless kid has a great resource in a low-wattage reading lamp that is just an arm’s length away.

3. A desk – experts tell adults never to do work in bed because it confuses our brains and causes us to be trapped in “work mode”, when we should be sleeping. The same process happens with children.

Sending them to their room to do homework can actually be harmful if they don’t have a space, other than their bed to do work on. Try to create a small, dedicated work space inside their bedroom which features a well-organized desk.