Kitchen Design, Simplified

The kitchen may be the most actively used room in your house. When combined with the dining room, an important space for family gathering, an opportunity arises to create a wonderful space, that is the heart and center of your home. Instead of thinking about these rooms individually, combine them into one interior design project.

If your house has an open floor plan it may be that they are already part of one large space.

Choosing The Kitchen Style

While many people love the character of formal kitchen layout, remember that may not be the most practical style for everyday use. Create a space where the whole family will feel comfortable and enjoy eating together.

There are many ways to break away from an overly formal kitchen. A casual or rustic kitchen table is one way to make things more welcoming. Playful and colorful accessories and artwork can help turn a dining room into a fun place.

Consider using different styles of chairs around the table or even a bench on one side. Bold and interesting light fixtures are also becoming popular.

Create a Functional Kitchen

Kitchens should not only look beautiful, but must work and flow well when they are being used. Locate the main appliances first when you begin your kitchen design. Providing a lot of counter space will make a big difference in how the space is used. It is hard to have too much!

Kitchen islands are a popular feature and a great way to add work space along with possibilities for casual seating and improved circulation.

Trends in Kitchen Design

Kitchens are one room where design trends evolve quickly. Currently, darker finishes are popular, as well as glass backsplashes and glass tile.

LED lighting is also becoming more popular, as it is extremely energy efficient and produces clear, bright light. Adding lighting under cabinets to help illuminate countertops is not only popular, but very practical.

When you make your kitchen decisions, be sure they are not just based on style, but truly contribute to providing a useful space for preparing meals.

Families and guests often tend to gather in the kitchen. If you have the luxury of space, a large kitchen room will get more use than one might imagine.

With much of our lives centered around food and meals, kitchen is a place where the family will spend many hours together. Great kitchen design will add much to the quality of your home.