Marble Flooring for Home

Ask anyone what they dream about having as flooring inside their home and the answer is usually marble.

Who can blame us all for dreaming of marble?

Imagine the romantic feeling of treading over elegant marble floors day after day?

Aside from being enviably gorgeous, it has a reputation and as one of the most durable contenders on the market. Not only will it bring you enjoyment, but it will add value to your home. If new floors are on your agenda, then you need to move marble to the top of your wish list.

Let’s talk about what this wonder material can do for the look of your home. The amazing swirls and unique tones make it ideal for so many different spots inside your home.

Here is a list of the best spots in your home to add this impressive flooring choice.

Have Them Swooning in the Foyer

Talk about making a lasting first impression. Everyone who walks through your front door will be fawning over the glistening floors. An unforgettable floor is truly the way to establish a mark of quality from the very start of your home.

Kitchen Tiles

Why stop at the front door? If you are looking for a clean sweep, there isn’t a better choice for flooring your kitchen than marbled floors. The result is an airy, elegant look that will make cooking feel like treasured time spent in your own personal lap of luxury. A kitchen can become vitally important if your home does not having a separate dining room and all of your entertaining is done in the kitchen.

If you have a home without a dining room and find yourself wishing you could have a kitchen, that mixes the best of both worlds for entertaining and utilitarianism, adding some elegant floor tiles or slabs just might satisfy that desire. Did we mention that marbled floors are super easy to clean?

Marble Flooring at Bathroom

Marble flooring is a great addition to any bathroom. A perfect companion to a porcelain tub or toilet, this flooring can turn even the simplest of bathroom layout into something that feels like a penthouse suite at the Ritz. The sleek surface of marbled floors and easy cleaning also makes them a highly sanitary choice.

Unlike linoleum floors, which can create pockets of moisture that can cause mold, which can cause deterioration of your home, marbled surfaces cut down on bacteria.

Marble Floor for Laundry Room?

You may not love doing laundry, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love your laundry room. When you add marbled tiles to your laundry room, you can dress up the room while at the same time creating a safe, clean environment.

Detergent spills and excess moisture can be wiped away in a snap, as opposed to other surfaces which have a tendency to soak up the undesirables.

When shopping for floor materials to be used in your laundry room, always be sure to ask the manufacturer or distributor if they have discount tiles since this floor will be mostly covered and not often seen by guests – taking less than perfect tiles can result in big savings!