Putting a Spotlight on Home Lighting

The right lighting looks inside your home can cast your home in the right light. Mounted lighting fixtures are one of the most important factors in the look and feel of a room.

They set the mood and illuminate the radiance of your overall home design themes. Taking stock of the light sources inside your home and updating them accordingly, can result not only in a great look, but in energy cost savings.

Simply put, your lighting selection should not be taken lightly. The dominating players in the light game are pendants, chandeliers, flush mount fixtures, semi-flush fixtures and track lighting.

Let’s break down the wow factor for each of them and see what dazzles.

Getting the Swing of Things

Luckily, there is no shortage of adventurous, fun choices available. One of the hottest trends going is swinging pendant lamps. These charming, playful lights add depth and character to any space. They are great when used as over-the-sink fixtures in kitchens, and they also look great when hung from cathedral ceilings or home entryways.

Reasonably priced and easy to install, these lights are a dream come true for anyone looking for an easy fix for swapping out outdated light fixtures.

The pendant is usually an opaque glass and comes in nearly every color under the sun, including fun Venetian confetti mixes. Though usually a singular piece, you can find fixtures with multiple roots hanging down.

Hanging On to a Good Thing

If the idea of hanging a chandelier from your ceiling leaves you intimidated, don’t worry – chandeliers have come a long way. Unless you are stylizing a room for an antique look, it is best to stay away from finishes like brass or gold.

Modern chandeliers come in a variety of contemporary finishes that blend the awe of a high-class vessel and the simplicity of a minimalistic light fixture.

Some great finishes to look out for are sleek chrome or brushed nickel metal. Fixtures that hang are a genius way to disperse light around a room without worrying about the clutter of tabletop lamps or floor lamps.

The Understated Value of Flush

Flush mount ceiling lamps are a win-win situation. They are clean, understated, and they provide an ample amount of light to any space. They also tend to be frill-free and inexpensive. One of the hottest trends in flush lights has designers thinking outside the box with square shapes.

Believe it or not, square lighting fixtures have earned a reputation for being hip.

Sometimes referred to as being mission-style, these boxy treasures come in a variety of color tones and finishes. They an understated beauty that attracts the eye upwards to the ceiling.

One more to consider: semi-flush lights provide everything you love about flush fixtures but with a twist. They have a slight hang, which can add drama and elegance to their practical design.

On The Right Track

Track lights are the epitome of modern home design. Simple and utilitarian, row lights provide a great amount of light without the frills. Often coming in simple white or chrome, these lights are a great way to update any space for a clean, focused look.