Redesign Your Home

Do you have a feeling that your home design is out of date?

Is the teal blue shag carpeting and the orange walls starting to give you a headache?

Are you embarrassed to set out Christmas dinner this year on the same old chipped table?

It might be time for an interior design update.

Before you start grumbling about the cost or the many hours of intensive labor that stand between you and your dream house, you should know that modern home design is changing the way you can live.

Start simple by taking stock of your living space. Think of what you really hate about the current state of your home and what is really dragging the space down.

Before you can bring new, trendy items into your home you have to either repurpose the existing items or empty them from your home altogether.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A clean slate can easily be achieved by repainting all of the walls in your home white. This will not only give it a fresh feel, but it will set a clean slate for being able to reinstate brand new colors.

Everything in it’s Place

Before your home can look magazine-ready, it has to at least be clean, organized, and clutter free. Organizing your stuff is the first baby step towards a beautiful home interior.

A great way achieve the proper balance of style and functionality is to buy home furnishing and accessories that promote good organization.

This includes things like benches with built-in storage baskets or choosing decorative baskets, that double as storage containers. Organization only becomes more critical in rooms like the kitchen where economy of space is crucial.

Can’t Change it? Cover it Up

If you are desperate for change inside your home, but you know that new furniture is a long way off budge-wise, don’t despair.

There are some little-known home design tricks that will make you forget what’s underneath.

If you have a kitchen table that is outdated or battered by years’ worth of use, you might be sitting on an untapped treasure.

Wooden tables can easily be sanded down and refinished in a new color. Whites, pales yellows, or light greens can all be great for a distressed, country-chic look.

In fact, those old dings and scrapes will actually compliment the new theme.

If your table is beyond repair, layering different color table clothes over the surface of it can create a distracting, textured look that will leave everyone so focused on the gorgeous fabric, they won’t even notice the table.

Similarly, a stunning arrangement of colorful silk flowers inside a tall glass vase can breathe new life onto a table.

A Switch that is Sure to be a Hit

If you have old cabinets or hutches that suffer from an outdated appearance, it’s time to take a second look. Is it really the cabinets or furniture themselves that look old, or just the knobs on the door handles?

Try popping off old knobs and visit your local hardware store for contemporary handles and knobs. The results might surprise you!