Simple Accessories for Bedroom Design

It’s where you restore your body and your mind… It’s where you spend quality time with your favorite book… It’s where you dream…

Your bedroom plays a big role in your life. Don’t you think it should reflect who are you?

Too often, people neglect sprucing up their bedroom and spicing up their design imaginations because they don’t put enough value on their bedroom’s layout and appearance.

Modern bedroom interior.
Modern bedroom interior

Having a well-decorated oasis can transform the way you look at your sleep space and can lead to increased creativity, relaxation and romance.

Little touches is all it takes to accentuate the strong points of your bedroom. That’s, right, it doesn’t take a complete overhaul to turn your bedroom into your dream room.

It all comes down to getting a hold of the right bedroom accessories.

Wall to Wall Bedroom Design

The wrong color wall can leave you banging your head against a wall. Color is the number one way to transform a room. Color sets the entire tone for the room and can make the difference between a sloppy or disjointed appearance and a calm, soothing oasis.

If you have never looked into color theory, here’s a quick crash course. Colors like blue, green, and purple have a soothing effect on the brain.

Colors such as red, yellow, and orange actually increase brain activity, including appetite.

So unless you want crumbs in your sheets due to midnight snacking brought on the colors of your bedroom wall, it’s best to stay in the color family that soothes and relaxes the mind.

Let there be Light

Amp up your room with the right lamp. If you’ve been relying on light from a ceiling light, it might be time to reconsider. An attractive set of lamps on either side of your bed can make your bed appear larger and grander, acting as a visual widener for the space.

Even if you don’t have a king sized bed, this little placement trick can give you a bedroom fit for a king. Chose lamps that have a sturdy base and a wide circumference for the lampshade, in order to really draw the eye to the corners of your bed.

Vintage romantic bedroom

Since the lamps are right near your bed, and at eye level, select cool, soothing tones like white or eggshell. This will also allow the light to be more radiant since it won’t funnel through a darkly shaded lamp shade.

A Place to Plop

Have you ever come home from the end of a long day and just wanted to collapse into bed…but you knew once you hit the pillow you would never get up again!

Having an alternate place to sit and relax in your room is a great idea. An over-sized cushioned papillon chair is a great piece to stick in a corner of your bedroom, near a window, in order to create a little space for relaxation and contemplation.

If you have kids in the house, throwing down some accompanying over-sized floor pillows can create an imaginative place where your kids can relax with in your room, without turning your bed into nap central.

Get Hooked On Decorating Your Bedroom

Clutter is never good in a bedroom. Sometimes adding accessories can make people feel like they are simply adding more items to clean. This is why collecting cute, decorative wall hooks is a great idea.

Not only do they add character to a room, but they provide a place to hang everything from purses to used towels to strands of necklaces. It can be a thrill to collect hooks that are both new and vintage.