The Right Furniture for The Right Person

A person’s choice of furniture radiates a person’s character, passion and ideology. Since every person is unique, it is the interior designer’s task to understand a client’s personality, before providing recommendations.

Interior design requires creativity, imagination, but more importantly, a good understanding about a person’s interior faculties. Here are several recommendations in relation to interior design styles:

Asian Style

Simplicity is beauty. Japanese philosophical ideas tend to show in the way the Japanese build their houses, especially in the past. Less furniture, more space.

A typical bedroom, for example, includes a simple mattress on the floor and sometimes a small table at the side. A person who loves simplicity will most likely love this setup.

Shabby Chic

This style has a more feminine touch to it and would suit women who are into the latest fashion trends. It involves the use of white interior floors, ceilings and walls, with accented with flea market items, folk art on the walls, floral designs on couch pillows, and vases on top of tables.

Contemporary Furniture

Usual features include blank slate floors and walls, as well as solid colors on interior d├ęcor for contrast. Furniture choices have sharp corners, straight lines and sleek design. Boomerang tables, and space-age style decoration offers a more retro look.

Microfiber or leather upholstery on chairs, with little ornamentation, provides a more urban look. This is a great choice for intellectuals and thinkers.

Traditional Furniture

For the family oriented, a traditional design is best. This involves the use of formal and symmetrical furniture designs, which creates a timeless sense of family tradition. Good recommendations include wooden tables, chairs, and beds with carved ornaments like leaves and flowers, as well as cabinets with medium to dark finishes.

Moroccan Furniture

People who develop a liking for ornate design should love Moroccan style. Features include the use of colorful ceramics, mosaic, oriental rugs, intricately designed wood furnishings, and lots of pillows. This is actually one of the most elaborate designs to choose from, so it would definitely require more work than the rest.

Garden Style

A lot of people enjoy having a touch of nature within their homes. A garden style interior with lots of natural lighting should include landscape paintings, potted plants, grass rugs, and large windows. Tables and chairs made of eco-materials will also blend well. In addition, colors should be vibrant and natural.

Eclectic Style

This is for people who enjoy a combination of many design types. There are certain types of people who are interested in many things, and would love to live inside homes that have a little bit of everything. Hence, furniture for this type should come from various other styles.

Since this depends entirely on what the client loves, the interior designer has to determine the client’s likes and dislikes before providing any recommendations.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right combination of tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, ornaments, and accessories is a skill that requires creativity and a vivid imagination.

Nonetheless, as long as an interior designer learns to understand a client’s personality, coming up with the best design ideas becomes a piece of cake.