Wood in Home Design

Making design decisions about the interior of a house is one of the most exciting experiences homeowners will have. Though navigating through the options can be challenging, the results are rewarding.

Deciding on the best material for major furnishings and features is just one of the hard decisions you will have to make. Consider using one of the oldest and most traditional materials – wood, for important elements inside your home.

Creative wood design should not be overlooked as a way to achieve your home design ideas.

Wood is extremely versatile and appropriate for a full range of styles and finishes. It can be used for a wide array of items and can fit within modest, moderate or extravagant budgets.

Wood in the Kitchen

The use of wood in the kitchen can result in anything from rustic to sleek and modern styles. Find a contractor that is experienced with wood design to create custom cabinets. They will have more character than prefabricated cabinets and can be adapted to fit the particular needs of your space and the items you will be using and storing.

Wood is also a great choice for kitchen counters or kitchen islands. A butcher block-type look is both attractive and practical. One large piece of wood or individual bands permanently glued together are both effective ways to accomplish this.

Wood in the Dining Room

More than likely your dining room table will be constructed of wood. There are many styles from which to choose. Consider a wood built side cabinet or serving shelf as another component of your dining room. It can be both useful and a way to visually unite the dining table and the wood elements in your kitchen.

Wood Trim and Special Features

Window trim, baseboards and molding are all traditionally made of wood. The design of these items offers another opportunity to add individual character to your home. Again, the use of an experienced wood craftsman is a great way to accomplish this. Wood doors are another way to showcase some creativity. Your front door could be a particularly good choice for a special design.

Recycled Wood

It is important to consider the source of the wood being used in your home. Though wood is a renewable resource, not all live wood is harvested using sustainable methods. Consider the use of recycled wood as an alternative.

There are many different ways to recycle wood ranging from the reuse of old beams and floorboards to wood chips and scraps that are formed into new composite items such as decking, cabinets or doors.

Though wood may seem commonplace, it should not be taken for granted. Wood design offers the potential to make your home personal, unique and stylish while remaining affordable and practical.

Wood is adaptable, sustainable and has much to offer in the construction or remodeling of your home.